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About Us 

Our Vision

The Laundry Room prides itself on exceling industry standards and brings a new approach to laundered services.  The moment you pull up to our well kept, highly visible, secure location, you will feel as if you were a part of our family. We have consulted with customers, friends, strategic business partners and feel as though we have combined the best ideas from all sources and created this area's finest Wash -N- Fold Laundry Service.


The courtesy and commitment you will recieve from our staff and the quality of our work is what will bring you back time and time again.  We believe in this method so much that we percieve that Word of Mouth Adverstising will be our most successful investment, and we have YOU to thank for that.


 We provide a clean, safe and friendly environment.  If at any time, you feel we do not meet your expectations, please let us know.

Our Equipment

When we purchased this Laundromat in 2011, immediately we contacted the National Representative for one of the largest coin-op manufactuers in the Country.  With their help we were able to audit our inherited machines and put a plan in place to mondernize our facility.


Within 6 months of ownership, we have upgraded every washer, dryer, coin machine.  Replaced the old, cracked, stained tile linolium floor with a custom tile floor.  Stripped all the walls, repaired and filled holes, primed and a new coat of paint.  Every detail was planned and perfectly coordinated, even down to the choice of colors.


We think with these upgrades and our commitment to customer service is what will make us the areas leading Wash-N-Fold businesses.


Our facility is equiped with Hi-Tech Video Survalience with off-site remote viewing and 24/7 recording.  We will take every neccessary step to insure your safety and comfort. 

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